Carnival Time!

We went shopping in Tarragona this morning. In the curtain shop we were served by a nun in a  mini-skirt. At the hypermarket, a red-nosed clown was directing traffic, a black cat was pushing a trolley, and parents were accompanied by a variety of fairies, princesses, pirates and super-heroes. Yes, today was carnival!

Carnival is a mad festival that takes place in most Roman Catholic countries during the week leading up to Lent and it is celebrated all over Spain. Shops and supermarkets enter into the spirit of things by having their staff dress up during the day but the main events take place in the evening when almost every town and village will organise a parade.   They are – like all Spanish festivals – noisy, colourful and imaginative!  The themed floats and costumes must take hours of preparation! As they parade makes it way around town the the crowds jostle alongside being showered with confetti and sweets thrown from the floats and having their ears battered with the loud music, drums and whistles!   All the bars of course are packed to the rafters and as the evening goes on it becomes more raucous and irreverent. For the younger generation – this is just the beginning of wild-partying throughout the night!  CarnivalCarnival 1carnivalCarnivalCarnivalcarnival


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