Festa Major Mora d’Ebre – 2013


For the entire programme in Catalan see the Mora d’Ebre Town Hall website

Tuesday 20th August

21.30- Passeig del Pont
Community supper. Take you own food and drink and be entertained by Duet Rubí. Reserve a table at the Ajuntament

24.00 – Bull Ring (Passeig de l’Ebre – after the Club Nautic)
Disco. Music of 80’s and 90’s. Water and mud! Sounds like fun!

Wednesday 21st

17.00 –Plaça de Baix
Games for 10-15 year olds. Reserve a place up to 20th

18.00 – Bar Megalitic
A canya (draught beer) and a kebab stick for 2€

21.30 – Plaça de Baix
Games for over 16’s

Birricleta = birra(beer) + bicicleta (bike)
Get on the bar bike at the following stops: Plaça de Baix, Passeig del Pont, Antoni Asens and Avinguda Catalanes. One free beer per person/trip

24.00 – Placa de Dalt
“El son de la Chama” Young Tarragona band

Thursday 22nd

13.00 – Placa de Baix (NB no car access through the square) also Avinguda Comarques Catalanes and Placa de Dalt

The Official opening of the fiesta weekend with “coets” (loud rockets/firecrackers – stand well back!)

19.00 – Passeig del Pont
Activities for infants

19.00 and 20.00 respectively at Theatre, then Sala Julio Antonio
Opening of two art exhibitions. Will remain open during the fiesta from 19.30-21.00 each eve

22.00 – Placa de Baix ( NB no car access through the square)
Proclamation of the “Pubilla i Hereu”
(the “heir and heiress” of the town – a young lady and man of good-standing who represent the town for a year – a little like the carnival queen in UK) Quite solemn and then followed by performance by “Els Cremats”

23.30 – Sota de Copes
Concert “rock and roll” with Eric Vinaixa

23.30 The Factory
Gin and tonic night!

00.30 – Placa de Dalt
Dancing with orchestra “Fenomenom Quartet”

00:30 -The Sports ground
Ibiza d’Ebre – White Party!
Grand disco with DJ’s and variety of music, go-go dancers, visuals, lights etc. Dress in white!

Friday 23rd

10:30 – Placa de Baix
Community bike ride around town.  Open to everyone. Prize for the youngest and oldest participant and for the best fancy dress!

12.00 – Esgelsia Parroquial
Holy Mass in honor of St John Baptist

13:00 – Plaça de Dalt
FREE servings of muscles. 400kg of them!

(after this, I suggest you sleep for a good few hours – there is a long night ahead!  )

19.00 Placa de Dalt
Traditional Catalan dance – The Sardana

20.00 – Passeig del Pont
Double show of “Abanderats” and “Castellers”
Abanderats= team of flag bearers who do lots of synchronised moves and flag throwing! (do we have a word for this in English?)
Castellers = human castles Recommended


21:30 – Bus station
Gathering of the teams participating in the Correfoc. They will then parade from the Bus Station to Santa Madrona.

22.00 – Santa Madrona/Nou crossroads
Starting point of the Correfoc. The route will be via the following streets: Nou, Palla, Plaça de Baix – where there will be an exhibition. Will then continue via C/Barca to Passeig del Pont for the grand finale.
Correfoc advice:
Teams dressed as devils and wielding pitchforks with firecrackers run around the streets accompanied by drummers. It’s noisy, scary, crazy, exciting – you have to see it to believe it! Advice: wear COTTON not synthetic fabrics, Cover your legs and shoulders. Wear a FULL SHOE or at least SOCKS with your sandals. Tie long hair back and/or wear a cap

23:00 – l’Avinguda de Comarques Catalanes
Music and dancing with Group “Orquestra Swing Latino”.

01:00 – l’Avinguda de Comarques Catalanes
Cover group “Banda del Coche Rojo” a mixture of music and humour

03.30– l’Avinguda de Comarques Catalanes
La Soul Machine – Soul, funky and blues

Other places
24.00 – Bar Megalitic Terrace
DJ Pino

01.00 The Factory (outside)

Saturday 24th

10:00 -Club Nautic (Passeig de l’Ebre)
Canoeing in front of Club Nautic. 50cents for 10 mins

13:00 – Placa de Baix
Running races! Kids and adults categories

17:00 – Passeig de l’Ebre/Club Nautic
River party. Boat racing, swimming, greasy pole etc.

18:00 Placa de Baix
Inflatables for the kids

20.00 – Passeig del Pont
Line dancing and country and western exhibition

20:00 – Sports Ground.
Concert with “Orchestra Valencia”

23:30 Terassa de l’Obrera (bar near Placa de Dalt)
Rock concert

24.00 Quatre Cantons (crossroads above the Lord Nelson pub) and at Antoni Asens (near Maxi Dia)
Various DJ’s play all the popular hits, past and present until 4 or 5 in the morning!

Sunday 25th

12.00 Placa de Dalt Water fight and foam party for kids and parents. (or anyone else!) Take your own water pistol/ bucket and be prepared to get wet! (don’t forget a towel) Recommended!

19.00 -From College Santa Teresa down to Antoni Asens

Motorless home-made bogeys (carts) of every type imaginable will career down the streets. Prize for the fastest and most original design. FUN! Don’t miss it!

20.00 Passeig del Pont
Early evening dance with orchestra “Codigo”

23.30 Passeig de l’Ebre/Club Nautic (Grandstand views from  balcony of River Ebro Apartments!)
Spectacular firework display

24:00 – Passeig del Pont
Final ball of the fiesta with orchestra “Codigo”

24.00 Sota de Copes
Concert with singer Montse Castellà

24.00 The Factory
Crazy end to the fiesta with music and bar on the terrace and option to go in fancy dress!

That’s All Folks!!

Eso es todo amigos!!

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